Sunset in Huntington Beach

The Grace of Nature should provoke thoughts of beauty, limitless renewal, ferocity, and of course endings. No matter where you go on this planet, whether above the landscapes, along its surface, underneath its oceans or into its many caverns the Natural experience is one that is still being experienced today. Each one of us in our busy lives pass over and around some truly amazing sights and experiences and fail to take them into our souls, appreciate them, or even many times acknowledge they even happen.

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Windy Stable in Washington

I have begun a new search in my life. It is not one for a soul mate or a search for riches, or even a search for meaning, it is one of connection. For the people that i know and know me I am not the most worm and fuzzy kind of person. I am way too over-bearing, sometimes demanding and definitely too self-righteous in my view. I am not a slave to fashion or all that driven on most days. What I am all the down to my core is inquisitive and I actually do have a thirst for knowledge that has taught me so many things. One of those things that I have come to understand better with the wealth of age and experiences is that none of this...none of the things we have around us, none of the comforts that we hold dear, none of the goals that achieve materially will last. Not even we are designed to last. After my half century of living and growing, loving and leaving, exploring and discovering I have come to this one conclusion that I am sure many have come to as well, that is that immortality and leaving a mark on history is all based on how you touch the others around you. how you impact (both good and bad) every human being that you come in contact with on a daily basis.

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I have now been working with the Sony A7Sii for about 6 months and have just about fallen in love with it. It is a complete departure from the Canons that I have have and is so much smaller that it almost feels toy like in my larger hands, but, it have been an extremely useful tool with a not to extreme learning curve.

Sunset in Arizona
A desert landscape at dusk
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