The Grace of Nature should provoke thoughts of beauty, limitless renewal, ferocity, and of course endings. No matter where you go on this planet, whether above the landscapes, along its surface, underneath its oceans or into its many caverns the Natural experience is one that is still being experienced today. Each one of us in our busy lives pass over and around some truly amazing sights and experiences and fail to take them into our souls, appreciate them, or even many times acknowledge they even happen.

This is my journey into the world of the natural, the amazing and the astounding at each and every turn. i will be attempting to convey just small glimpses of what i experience at each and every turn. It likely wont be very regular or even astonishing to you, but to me, to my awakening senses, it will be my way of letting the world know that I am paying attention. I've officially lived on this ... 3rd rock from the little yellow star n this outlying solar system on the edge of the Milkyway Galaxy for more then half-a-century. I am nearly as old today as my mother was when she passed and only 15 years away from when my father passed. I, in my soul, realize that I only have a few years left on this spinning ball and even at this late time of life am re-committing to getting out into it to actually see it, to actually experience it in ways that I have never even thought of before.

Before you, the reader, start to think that I am giving up in any small way, I AM NOT! On the contrary, I am simply acknowledging that I am but a human being and that i will be extremely lucky for this to be a half way point. Lets face the facts, A White male in this age is likely to only make it to about 80 if things like cancer, heart disease, or some sort of virus doesn't get me first. There is nothing wrong with these things as they are a regular part of the human condition and while any of them would seem tragic I am facing anything that is thrown my way as simply another hill to climb.

But back to the purpose and to the task set before me, and hopefully you too. Time to get out of the door, into the sun light (or the moon light) and experience even the smallest of wonders that are around us. Wonders both far and near, large and small. Acknowledge that we are small, insignificant beings playing out our limited life spans on a spinning rock that neither notices us nor cares if we are hear or not. Time to smell the Roses and feel the thorns .