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    FightNight - Tall
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    Real IndieFilm Work Looks like a great day for Cowboy-ing up for some real trouble.

Kata 3N1-10 Bag Review

Issue 1/2014

The 3N1-10 camera bag was going to be my go-to, minimalistic bag for adventuring, and it fit all my requirements, and some I didn't even think about. When the bag showed up, I quickly read through the helpful guides that were with it, tore into the side and moved some of the velcro dividers around to fit my camera body and lens.

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New H.265 codec on test – ProRes 444 quality for 1% of the file size

Issue 1/2014

In case you live at 12 Under Rock Drive, the H.265 standard is the biggest codec of the decade. It supersedes today's most common codec for encoding and internet delivery of video (H.264) and makes 4K recording to SD cards possible on DSLRs.

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Darryl MacDonald talks Palm Springs film festival at 25

Issue 1/2014

Darryl MacDonald, festival executive director since 2004, talking about the early emphasis of the festival and how the festival needs people at the top, including the board chairman and festival director, who need to know film.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2016



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47 Ronin When I first saw the advertisement for the 47 Ronin, I was a bit skeptical as to the acceptance here in the US. 
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Zacuto Striker ReviewThe Striker uses the DSLR Baseplate. It has a gunstock to brace up against your shoulder and a single handgrip. This rig is still light and compact but gives you the ability to add a Follow Focusand Matte Box by using the DSLR Baseplate.